Slitter-rewinders with centre winding drive for clear and metalized films

TR520 – Slitter-rewinder for labelstock and particular applications

The answer to large width and Large Diameter requirements

When the width of the material is over 1.6M and the required OD´s in rewinding are over 850mm, this configuration is highly recommended since it also allows rewinding on differential or expanding shafts a large number of rolls.

  • If weight becomes an issue, it is easy to apply a central shaft support in this machine configuration.
  • If the logistic of the finished rolls requires so, the rolls can also be compacted on the shafts prior to the unloading procedure.
  • A tailor-made design for all your production requirements.

    Several configurations and special features are available, to tackle the challenges of materials such as film or paper-based label stocks, liquid packaging materials (Ex. Tetrapack) or paper.

    Technical Specifications:

    Maximum jumbo roll width2,200 mm
    Maximum diameter of jumbo roll1,800 mm (70")
    Maximum diameter of the finished roll1200 mm (49")
    Minimum width of finished rolls80 mm
    Maximum production speed600 m/min.

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Download Our Product Range in PDF

Download Our Product Range in PDF

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