CC 3000 Special

Core cutter with automatic loading

The CC series core cutters are designed to cut cardboard or soft plastic cores straight and without angle, having a length up to 3000 mm in order to produce cores of high quality and different lengths for customized processes. The machine software has been developed so that the operator, while running a job, can set the parameters of the next job (or simply download a stored production recipe with all its parameters). The machine is equipped with 2 automatic loaders. The first takes the tubes from a steel container and the second brings them in the cutting zone. The machine loads and cuts
the cores full automatically, and the cores fall in a basket mounted on wheels Within the same cutting cycle it is possible to obtain cores of different lengths (up to 6 different lengths); the software calculates the cutting dimensions in order to minimize waste.

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Technical specifications

  • Materialcardboard
  • Min. cardboard thickness15 mm
  • Inner diameter3” and 6”