CC 2500/ 3000

Core cutter with manual or automatic loading

The CC series core cutters can produce cores of variable width starting from 2,500/3,000 mm wide cores. The automatic cycle is extremely flexible: it can repeat cutting cycles to produce cores of different lengths (up to 6 different lengths within the same cycle); the software calculates the cutting sizes in order to minimize waste.
The machine is available in two versions:

  • Semi-automatic: the operator manually loads the cores to be cut;

  • Automatic: the machine is equipped with an automatic loader capable of feeding cutting cycles of twenty-five (25) 3" mother cores or ten (10) 6"mother cores, without any intervention by the operator.

Possibility of cutting a wide range of diameters and thicknesses

The machine parts can be adjusted to very accurately adapt accuracy to different internal and external diameters. The adjustment procedure is carried out manually by the operator in less than two minutes.

Automatic loader for increasing productivity

The combined action of the core cutter and the loader renders the cutting cycles totally automatic: once the production recipe has been called up on the screen, the set of cores to be cut is loaded and the cycle has been started, the operator will have nothing more to do than collect the cut cores that are dropped off in a special basket by the machine.

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Technical specifications

  • Materialcardboard
  • Min. cardboard thickness15 mm
  • Maximum length of cores 2600 mm or 3100 mm
  • Inner diameter3” and 6”