CF 2

Single-folder with dual-shaft winder

System and technology

  • Easy Touch-screenEasy Touch-screen
  • Perfect Rewinding ConditionsPerfect Rewinding Conditions
  • FoldingFolding

The CF2 Centre Folder machine with a semiautomatic turret rewinder is specially designed to convert delicate and slippery materials such as Polyolefin shrink film. The machine design consists of three main areas; an unwind structure similar to the RB series, an A-Frame to centre fold the material as it passes through the machine body and a dual shaft system on the opposite side. The machine also allows to trim the none folded edge and remove them with a dedicated edge trim collection system.  

Maximum web handling care

The centre winding system developed for this machine model, guarantees a very low and precise tension on the finished folded reels and precision scratch free web handling.

Additional system integrations for added value products

The machine structure is also designed to incorporate additional processes such as micro perforation for further enhance the finished product.

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Technical specifications

  • Maximum parent roll web width1250 mm > 1700 mm
  • Maximum parent roll diameter800 mm
  • Maximum parent roll weight1200 kg
  • Maximum diameter of finished rolls350 mm
  • Minimum width of finished rolls200 mm > 800 mm
  • Maximum production speed500 m/min
  • Drives, Motors, PLC, Touch PanelSiemens