TR 330

Secondary slitter-rewinder for paper and laminates

System and technology

  • Auto UnloadAuto Unload
  • Center SurfaceCenter Surface
  • Easy Touch-screenEasy Touch-screen
  • Individual StationIndividual Station
  • Perfect Rewinding ConditionsPerfect Rewinding Conditions
  • High Speed ProductionHigh Speed Production

The ideal solution for all heavy web materials

The TR 330 slitter-rewinder is a high-performance solid and sturdy machine, with a separate shaftless unwinder and overhead web path. Thanks to the centre-surface winding technique, it is the ideal solution for slitting and rewinding heavier rolls of paper or films (plain or laminated).

Exceptionally stable control

Rewinding occurs on motorized rewind stations composed of on motorized lever and one idler lever and equipped with dedicated stabilizing bars; there is the possibility to independently adjust the contact pressure of each tension roller onto the corresponding reel in order to obtainan impeccable rewinding quality. The levers are positioned on traverses that rotate to allow for the automatic unloading of the finished rolls onto dedicated trolleys.

Integration of additional systems to create added value to the product.

The layout of the machine is such to allow for the integration of aditional important process groups providing further added value to the finished product. Systems such as a laser scribing unit that makes a series of micro incisions on the material to create and easy tear effect in desired zones of the film.

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Technical specifications

  • Maximum parent roll web width1600 mm > 2800 mm
  • Maximum parent roll diameter1270 mm
  • Maximum parent roll weight2500 kg
  • Maximum diameter of finished rolls800 mm
  • Minimum width of finished rolls190 mm
  • Maximum production speed600 m/min.
  • Drives, Motors, PLC, Touch PanelSiemens