TR 2

Heavy-Duty Dual-Shaft Slitter Rewinder

System and technology

  • Auto UnloadAuto Unload
  • Center DrivenCenter Driven
  • Dual-shaft SystemDual-shaft System
  • Easy Touch-screenEasy Touch-screen
  • Perfect Rewinding ConditionsPerfect Rewinding Conditions
  • High Speed ProductionHigh Speed Production

For extreme slitting accuracy

This sturdy machine is recommended either when there is a need to rewind and handle extremely large and heavy rolls, or when the materials to handle require particular accuracy and sophisticated slitting technology, such as paper products or clear-on-clear label stock for example. 

Linear Track technology – The entire process area of the machine is mounted on additional frames that move backwards on linear guides during the rewinding procedure, therefore minimizing the distance between the slitting and the rewinding point and maintaining it constant throughout the winding cycle. 

S-Wrap draw roller for handling delicate products

The main "S"-wrap draw roller guarantees a very wide wrap angle around it; together with the nip roller, it guarantees the most stable and precise handling of the web material at high speeds. 
When processing delicate materials, like cold-seal laminates, the S-wrap manages to pull the material without the nip roller, hence protecting the product.

Ultimate lay-on roller technology

This configuration mounts compact and ergonomic lay-on rollers, even when converting large rolls, to always maintain contact with the winding rolls at the same point and moving back on the linear guides with the rest of the frames as the diameter increases.

  • For substrates with large gauge variation it is possible to order independent lay on rollers of specific dimensions.

Faster production set up

The mechanical design of the machine allows the operator to thread the slit strips much faster and save time during job changes or simply when there are different cycles within the same job.

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Technical specifications

  • Maximum parent roll web widthFrom 1400 > 1750 mm
  • Maximum parent roll diameter1270 mm
  • Maximum parent roll weight2500 kg
  • Maximum diameter of finished rolls800 mm
  • Minimum width of finished rolls40 mm
  • Maximum production speed800 m/min
  • Drives, Motors, PLC, Touch PanelSiemens