Easy Laem

Compact & Easy Dual-Shaft Slitter Rewinder

System and technology

  • Center DrivenCenter Driven
  • Compact DesignCompact Design
  • Dual-shaft SystemDual-shaft System
  • Easy Touch-screenEasy Touch-screen
  • Perfect Rewinding ConditionsPerfect Rewinding Conditions

A compact and easy to use slitter-rewinder for every converter

The EASY LAEM is the ideal slitter for converters at all levels. The machine is easy to install, simple to use and maintain, requiring minimum operative space and minimum investments. 
The integrated motorized shaftless unwinder has an electromechanical action for easy pick up of the mother reel from the ground or pallet. The web path passes through a solid mono-block structure, with integrated electrical cabinet that minimizes the impact on the plant and maximizes the space in the slitting department. 

The reels are rewound on differential shafts, cantilevered that are connected securely on the gear side and supported on the operator side by a pneumatic tailstock, easily supporting the reel weight. 

The machine structure and its components are carefully studied to guarantee the highest level of safety, providing the perfect dialogue between the mechanical and optical barriers. 

It is furthermore possible to integrate different functions in order to enhance the base design and make it perfect for your exact requirements; whether it be an unloader with additional functions or an aspiration system to remove the web trims, your needs are carefully studied and satisfied. 

A machine that is small in size, yet big in technology.

The opportunity to slit a wide range of materials

The standard slitting configuration is equipped with a semi-wrapped or tangent slitting solution, with circular knives or blades, in air or on multi counter knife bushings.

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Technical specifications

  • Maximum parent roll web width1000 to 1600 mm
  • Maximum parent roll diameter1000 mm
  • Maximum parent roll weight2000 kg
  • Maximum diameter of finished rolls610 mm
  • Minimum width of finished rolls40 mm
  • Maximum production speed600 m/min
  • Drives, Motors, PLC, Touch PanelSiemens