SC 30

Automated system for extracting the finished rolls

System and technology

  • Auto UnloadAuto Unload

An indipendent robot for automating the unload cycle

Automatic unloader SC30 is an independent robot, equipped with PLC and its own drives, is capable of interfacing with the dual-shaft slitter rewinder for managing the transfer of the finished reels onto the transport system in use at the Customer's plant, or a new system designed by Laem System.

Complete automation and reduced downtime

If integrated with the dual-shaft slitter-rewinder automatic finished roll extractor, the SC30 robot is capable of managing fully automatically extraction and unloading of finished rolls, without any intervention by the operator, who needs only prepare the shaft with new cores and restart production. In this way, there is essentially no machine downtime downtime resulting from roll changes.

Integration with transport and palletizing systems of the finished rolls

With the purchase of a dual-shaft slitter-rewinder and an SC30 unloader, the Customer can count on support by Laem System engineers for supply of a slitting, rewinding and unloading system which is efficiently interfaced to the roll transport system already in use in the Customer´s plant. Upon request, Laem System can also design and provide a new automated roll transport and palletizing system.

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