SC 20

Manual Unloader of finished rolls

System and technology

  • Semi-auto UnloadSemi-auto Unload

A valuable mean for extracting finished rolls

The SC20 series unloaders were designed to provide support when parking reels that have just been wound, in order to allow the operator to quickly unload the rewind shafts and restart production as soon as possible, thus minimizing machine downtime.

Stable support while turret is indexing

The rolls are held by two steel shafts, which are supported by a sturdy bearing structure able to index upon operator command. With the machine in operation, the unloader arms also provide a stable support to the reels around the rewind shafts.

Turret indexing to facilitate the unloading of rolls

Once shaft extraction is complete, the unloader arms are automatically turned over into a horizontal position so that the finished rolls can be easily unloaded onto a pallet, lifting truck or conveyor belt

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