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Customer support

Laem System offers a program of specific support for each customer, aimed to maintain all machinery and systems at their best performance levels, through specific maintenance and the use of increasingly innovative technologies. The Customers support team is always available to satisfy all of your requests.


Laem System guarantees a service of assistance to be at your side and work to solve any concerns or issues in a timely manner and at a distance. An option made to measure for any type of requirement.


Improve machinery awareness, increase working safety, increase the level of operational autonomy. These are the objectives behind the training programs offered by Laem System to the Customer: personalized courses based on your requirements and your experience for each single operation.


Maintenance of all types, preventative, ordinary, corrective, all at hand to assure that each productive system functions with maximum efficiency. Monitoring systems, timely replacement of parts, innovative services. A complete program to optimize the management of your system and machinery.

Spare parts

It is possible to choose special packages of materials and spare parts that can be ordered in time and on the spur of the moment in case of necessity. A preventative formula is the list of recommended spare parts supplied by Laem System, that allows you to have everything ready at hand on your site and eliminate stoppages and downtimes with immediate part replacement.

Technological updates

It is possible to obtain a constant update of both hardware and software on request to assure that the best efficiencies are up to date with the latest developments and requirements. A further possibility to improve the productive performances and to implement those improvements and updates that become a necessity in the years following the initial installment.


Laem System proposes a service of analysis and maintenance intervention, performance improvement, system enhancement and complete renovation, a service that is not limited to their own machinery. A great opportunity for the Customer, allowing to optimize their investment and improve the productivity and functionality in order to meet new and specific functional needs.

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