A productive reality that is more flexible, more intelligent, fully integrated in order to optimize working efficiencies. It is the great revolution of Industry 4.0.

The factory of the future is already present

Industry 4.0, or the intelligent factory, or the totally automated factory. Many ways to define a new concept that is changing the very idea of a factory and the ways of production. Industry 4.0 is in fact the fourth industrial revolution: the first being in the 18th century with the birth of the steam powered machinery and the mechanization of production; the second came a century later with the invention of electricity, of combustion engines and of new energy sources; the third in the 1970s with the arrival of computers and the digital era. The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, is in the midst of its foundation and it is still difficult to establish a precise “date of birth”. One thing certain is that for Laem System customers it already exists: Industry 4.0 is present.

Enter the 4.0 era with us

You can bring your business into the 4.0 era as well. Sooner or later making this step will become inevitable, therefore why not be one of the first to bring added value to your business  and move with us into this new era. The opportunities that are on offer are numerous, they are extraordinary and they are already available to you, thanks to the synergy between Laem System and IMS Technologies Group, leading companies in robotics, logistics and industrial automation. Avant-guard solutions that allow to connect business management systems and advanced control systems with the Customer’s existing process management system. Integrations allowing you to plan, to monitor and to analyze production data in real time, identifying areas of intervention and allowing to implement continuous productivity enhancement. It is the new frontier of converting: optimizing processes, integration of software and of machines, of processes, robots and manpower to improve overall system management and guarantee to those businesses who look to the future to be one step ahead.

The integration of systems
is our mission

Industry 4.0 is, essentially, perfect integration of systems and total automation of productive processes. This translates into concrete advantages: more production in less time and with more coordination, drastic reduction of error possibility in all working phases, more energy saving, more safety for workers, controlled cycle times and improved reactivity to unforeseen circumstances. Is all of this sufficient information to comprehend the greatness of the revolution of Industry 4.0? Analysis of your productive systems, design of the intelligent factory based around your needs, software development and creation of integrated systems, supply of machinery and components, installation and cost management. This is the world if 4.0 that Laem System and IMS Technologies Group have created for you.

Innovative solutions
for your business

We have made some progress, to anticipate the innovation and to create our idea of industry 4.0. Thanks to the expertise matured through many years of work and a consolidated research department formed by some of the best professionals of the field, we have designed and created exclusive and avant-garde solutions for converting. Discover them now: enter a world that will change your idea of productivity, to help you to reach increasingly important results.

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