SINCE 1972

Passion, creativity, technology and relentless innovation. From the best traditions of Italian mechanics, a point of reference for the design and manufacturing of slitter rewinders for the world of converting

Made in Italy technology

Laem System is present in over 35 countries across 5 continents with numerous collaborators worldwide. An organization established in 1972 that has since significantly grown to become an important point of reference for the design and manufacturing of slitter rewinders used in the converting world. A development made possible by two core values that since the beginning has distinguished the company: the qualities of a “Made in Italy” product combined with an innovative entrepreneur vision, open to the world and capable of interpreting the expectations of the most challenging customers creating and providing solutions that are always advanced in technology.

Research & development

At the heart of Laem System is the Engineering department composed of a team of highly competent and experienced staff, working in close collaboration with the Customer, working with the most sophisticated requirements, generating quality designs and constructions. A value that has brought Laem System to the highest of standard in every solution; from modular twin or dual shaft and compact slitter rewinders to high speed and high automation machinery, perfect for larger volumes and fast turnovers. Machines that are designed to obtain levels of efficiency never seen before.

Custom made solutions

Further to passion, technology and creativity another important value lies at the base of Laem’s success: that is flexibility, and an approach orientated on customer satisfaction and on the customer’s specific requirements. From the functional planning phase to the design and creation and from the installation to the commissioning and start up, each Laem System solution is special, based on a solid foundation of know-how and experience with a touch of exclusive made to measure for the specific Customer. Laem System also guarantees a constant international market presence, with highly qualified Agents active around the world and a post sales service able to offer immediate and efficient assistance across the globe.

You can find only the best global
technologies in our products

High quality meets high quality. The Laem System solutions are exclusive and innovative thanks to their unique capabilities in design and engineering and to the exclusive choice of only the best components available across the global markets for their machinery. For this reason Laem System uses exclusively the technologies provided by only the best brands on the international markets. In Laem System machinery there is only the best of the best.